The Author Gallery was established in the 798 Art District in 2014,now has 420 square meters and more than 100 meters exhibition line. More than 70 exhibitions have been held so far, and 4 art fairs have been participated. The Author Gallery has 7 contracted artists and more than 20 cooperative artists. There are more than 200 works in the collection. It has held numerous exhibitions in various art galleries and art institutions in Germany and Korea.

    Adhere to the "high standards, new ideas" and long-term good interaction with many important Asian art institutions, the Author Gallery firmly believes in a high-quality contemporary art business philosophy. It seriously and rigorously adheres to the concept and quality of art, to promote the effective collection and the development of contemporary art.

    Through exhibitions and shows, the author gallery seeks to connect Chinese contemporary outstanding artists with collectors and enthusiasts who love Chinese contemporary art collections.

    “The Authors may be pronounced sage; the transmitters, intelligent.” There is both rationality and passion, and partial interpretation of perfectionism. Art comes from feelings and works belong to the author.