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1990 born in Zibo, Shandong
2014 graduated from the school of art of Renmin University of China with a bachelor's degree
2017 graduated from the Art College of Renmin University of China and got a master's degree
Living in Beijing

TA's country - Li Jing personal project, author Gallery, Beijing
Sentimental - Li Jing exhibition, art gallery, Renmin University of China, Beijing
CLOUDS IN BED - Li Jing exhibition, author Gallery, Beijing

Group exhibition
Her vision - the Sino German women artists exhibition, Jean Michel Gallery, Berlin
"Allopatric people" contemporary ethnic group experience research exhibition, Wenzhou age art museum, Zhejiang
As the world - 2018 - China contemporary female art exhibition, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing
Color China -- China hundred Jinling art exhibition, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing
Youth 100, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Art Beijing, agricultural exhibition hall, Beijing
Multi dimension. Second back Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, landscape art museum, Beijing
Positive view of Qingjin plan, art museum, Beijing
Painting and painting research exhibition, Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing
Time summary, Yue Pavilion, the art living space of Guanlan lake, Beijing
Introspection and extension research on the inheritance of engraving art, Beijing Art Institute Art Museum, Beijing
Best time, GK art Gallery Gallery, Athens, Greece
"Fairy tale" space aesthetic exhibition, 751 zebra Valley concave space, Beijing
"Beauty discovery" sketch exhibition, gray and white space, Beijing
"Summary" of Wang and his students, the author Gallery, Beijing
The first "Artron poly new forces" Nomination Exhibition, Chinese National Art Center, Beijing
"Echo" youth art exhibition, Mai bin Art Center, Guangzhou
Two thousand and thirteen
"Image self" painting exhibition, gray and white space, Beijing

"Eat melon masses" selected works China Meixie color the China 100 Jinling Exhibition
"Long for love" works was awarded the first prize for "CANSON cup canson painting Award"
"The secret" works by the "CANSON cup award canson paintings"
Works "obsequiousness series: bath" was the first "Artron poly new forces" Award nomination